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Linc Contractor Since 1987

Star Service has been a Linc Service Contractor since 1987. Linc is a franchisor that has over 140 independent contractors in its network. Transitioning from a standard mechanical contractor to a full-service organization was a strategic endeavor for Star Service and therefore, we joined the Linc Service Network to service regions along the Gulf Coast from Houston to Tallahassee.

Star Service utilizes the approach, processes and tools of the Linc Service Program, from tasking through billing.


Benefits we bring to our commercial, industrial and institutional clients.

  • Continuous Training enables our technicians to satisfy your concerns quickly.
  • Precise Tasking for various type of equipment enables us to properly task each piece of equipment, taking the guess work out of properly maintaining your systems and reducing HVAC failures.
  • Purchasing Power allows Star Service to purchase hard-to-find parts quickly and at the lowest prices, passing the savings on to your business.
  • Best Practices enables Star Service to bring the most current processes and tools  to our customers, saving them money.
  • Regulatory Compliance ensures a legal and safe environment for both our customers and Star Service, which provides peace of mind.
  • Technical Support for new or rare systems enables us to remedy problems quickly for our customers and means less downtime.
  • National Contracts provides consistent service delivery, even when your business grows beyond state lines.