Entergy Corporation


• Preventative Maintenance 
• Building Automation & Control 
• Engineering Support


350 Buildings and Service Centers, 6 Industrial Power Plants, 1 Nuclear Facility


Gulf Coast Region

Guaranteed Lifetime Protection

Star Service has been maintaining various facilities for Entergy. From coal fired plants, a nuclear facility and over 350 operational facilities, they all require our fast response to their air conditioning issues. A third party monitors our performance and strict standards are mandated.

In addition to our Guaranteed Lifetime Protection Agreement with Entergy, which provides them with preventative maintenance, repairs and replacement of equipment, Star Service provides on-going engineering support and retrofits of their Control Systems.
  • Expensive HVAC Failures
  • Inconsistent Temperatures
  • High Energy Costs
  • Management and Utilization of an Obsolete Control System
  • A fixed-cost HVAC maintenance program was implemented
  • The obsolete control system was replaced
  • The air distribution system was retrofitted to achieve better comfort and save energy
  • Over $73,000 in energy and operational savings just in the first year
  • A state of the art control system now operates the HVAC
  • Increased tenant comfort and improved reliability.
  • Building value increased by $858,000

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