Mandeville City Hall


  • Energy Management Services 
  • Building Automation & Controls
  • RetroCommissioning


Municipal Building


Mandeville, Louisiana

Keeping Visitors and Employees Comfortable

Office personnel complained of odors and discomfort in the building along with high electricity bills. The Building Control System was out of calibration causing the HVAC Mechanical System to provide low quality air including high humidity and low fresh air intake..
  • Expensive HVAC Failures
  • Inconsistent Temperatures
  • High Energy Costs
  • Obsolete Control System
  • Retrocommission the HVAC mechanical system
  • Install additional building controls to reduce energy usage
  • Fix outside air requirements during retrocommissioning
In the first year of implementing our Energy Management Services, we were able to reduce the City of Mandeville’s office building energy consumption by 33%, approximately 140,000 kWh, while drastically increasing their comfort level and air quality.


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