Sacred Heart


  • Guaranteed Professional Maintenance 
  • Performance Guarantees 
  • Total Responsibility for Environmental System Equipment




Conroe, Texas

Keeping Students and the Congregation Comfortable

Sacred Heart was facing major capital expenses in replacement costs. Breakdowns caused serious interruptions for the school and for church activities. Being 40 miles from downtown Houston, meant finding  fast, responsive service was a challenge. Sacred Heart could not wait hours or until the next day for service.
  • Rising costs to maintain and operate the existing HVAC equipment across a growing campus
  • Frequent breakdowns, increasing rate of fail-ures and extended failure times
  • Slow response times for repair service
  • A fixed-cost, full-service Guaranteed Professional Maintenance (GPM) program that covers all maintenance, repairs, and replacements
  • HVAC services, labor, parts, components, and needed replacements are included in the agreement price
  • Performed a comprehensive start up and initial PM
  • Provide a 2 hour response time 24/7/365.
Sacred Heart no longer has to worry about the reliability of their HVAC Systems.. Though breakdowns and emergency calls have been minimized, we have committed to provide Sacred Heart with a 2 hour response time 24/7/365. The Maintenance Agreement cost for Sacred Heart is significantly less than previous spending.


“Star Service was the right choice. Our failures and downtime are lower than they have ever been. For us, that is critical. Talking to Star Service is well worth it.”

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