House of Blues


  • Professional Preventative Maintenance 
  • Complete Performance Guarantees 
  • Total Responsibility for Environmental System Performance


Entertainment Venue


New Orleans, Louisiana

Keeping Customers and Employees Comfortable

The House of Blues is one of the most visited venues in New Orleans. Not only does the House of Blues provide World Class Entertainment but they pride themselves on bringing diverse people together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.
Whether its late at night and the auditorium and stage are filled to capacity or during the frantic afternoon and evening lunch periods the customers and employees are always comfortable.
  • Expensive HVAC Failures
  • Inconsistent Temperatures
  • High Energy Costs
  • Management and Utilization of an Obsolete Control System
  • A fixed-cost HVAC maintenance program was implemented
  • The obsolete control system was replaced
  • The air distribution system was retrofitted to achieve better comfort and save energy
Not only was Star Service able to lower the House of Blues operating costs but we dramatically improved comfort and reliability as well.


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