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  • Professional Preventative Maintenance 
  • Complete Performance Guarantees 
  • Total Responsibility for Environmental System Performance


Commercial Office Building


Destin, Florida

Keeping Customers and Employees Comfortable

In July of 2015, Rodos Realty Partners, LLC of Atlanta bought the 25,000-square-foot BB&T Bank office building in Destin, Florida.
The mechanical HVAC system in the building was a built-up system consisting of a water-cooled chiller, cooling tower, pumps, boiler, chilled water air handlers with variable air volume boxes on each floor and a Siemens Invensys Building Control System, which was upgraded with a Talon (Niagara Controls) front-end.
  • Complicated built-up HVAC mechanical system
  • Expensive Repairs
  • High Energy Costs
  • Management and Utilization of an Obsolete Control System
  • Complete building evaluation, along with pictures depicting extreme deferred maintenance conditions
  • Identify equipment and controls deficiencies
  • Provide lower equipment repair and controls upgrade costs than previous vendor quotes
Star Service was able to save Rodos Realty Partners thousands of dollars by mitigating unnecessary equipment repairs and controls upgrades. Star Service is currently servicing the HVAC mechanical systems under a Guaranteed Professional Maintenance (GPM) program, which includes the ongoing preventative maintenance, supplies, parts and components, and all labor 24/7.


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