Walter Anderson Museum


  • Professional Preventative Maintenance 
  • Complete Performance Guarantees 
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Ocean Springs, Mississippi

A Case Study for Energy Efficiency and Reliability

The Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs, Mississippi is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the works of artist, illustrator and author Walter Inglis Anderson.
The HVAC Mechanical Systems were starting to show their age, causing more and more problems with each passing year. As a result, the "coastal environment" was subjecting museum-goers to the heat and high humidity of the Southern Gulf Coast. This didn't simply mean uncomfortable art patrons, it also meant the art itself was in danger. The museum's permanent collection of more than 1,000 watercolors, drawings, oils, block prints, ceramics and carvings have to be maintained in environmental conditions necessary to preserve the works of art.
Mississippi Power Company, headquartered in nearby Gulfport, recommended Star Service to the museum.
  • Unreliable Air Conditioning
  • Frequent Equipment Failures
  • High Energy Costs
  • Management and Utilization of an Obsolete Control System
  • Design and engineer upgraded mechanical systems
  • Recommission the museum's mechanical systems
  • Demolish and dispose of the existing mechanical systems
  • Install a new chilled water system
  • Install a new ASI Controls Building Automation System
  • Improve humidity controls
  • Install a critical-environment system to the museum vault
Walter Anderson Museum is now operating under a highly reliable and robust environmental system; controlling the humidity, temperature and CO2 levels needed to assist in the preservation of these fine works of art and allowing the continued enjoyment by future generations. Star Service has also partnered with the museum to provide ongoing preventative maintenance and service through a Guaranteed Professional Maintenance (GPM) program. Under this program, Star Service provides preventative maintenance, supplies, parts, components and 24/7 labor necessary to maintain and repair the equipment at no additional cost to the museum.

Following the upgrades, Mississippi Power verified that the electric power consumption of the museum had been greatly reduced. Along with the added value of having a full-coverage agreement with Star, this gave museum administrators the peace of mind, knowing that they could budget their monthly HVAC cost and they gave museum attendees the opportunity to appreciate the works of art in comfort.

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