Hinds County School District


  • Guaranteed Lifetime Protection Program




Hinds County, Mississippi

Eliminated Unexpected, Expensive and
Re-occurring HVAC Failures

The Hinds County School District, located in central Mississippi, educates over 5,500 students and employs over 425 teachers, expanding over 625 square miles.

  • Unreliable Air Conditioning
  • Frequent Equipment Failures
  • Premature Equipment Failures Due to Lack of Maintenance
  • Managing and Processing Multiple Purchase Orders
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Protection Program
  • Quarterly Preventive Maintenance Inspection and Filter Service
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Implemented Chemical Water Treatment for Closed-Loop Systems
  • Refrigerant Management and Containment
  • Fixed-Cost Budget

The Hinds County School District has a total operating budget of approximately $72 million dollars. Star Service has given the district the ability to control their maintenance budget at a fixed cost, and also have the peace of mind knowing their students will be in a classroom setting that is comfortable to learn in.


“The way Star Service conducts and operates their business makes it clear they want to be our partner, not just our vendor. I am completely satisfied with the level of responsiveness and thoroughness that is standard on any service call or preventive maintenance activity.”

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